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Commentaries for Acts Chapter 21

To Jerusalem--By Sea to Palestine

Patrick Henry's rallying cry in the American Revolution, "Give me liberty or give me death!" captures the essence of the determination needed to pursue a goal no matter the cost...
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From the moment the military tribune handcuffs Paul in the court of the Gentiles, the apostle conducts his ministry as a prisoner awaiting final trial and verdict...
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Paul at Jerusalem

In the midst of some Jews' death-dealing intentions counterbalanced by Roman protective justice stands the Christian witness Paul...
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Promoting Harmony

When a person becomes a Christian, what becomes of his or her religious past? Must all previous pious practice be left behind? Or may some be made fit patterns for the new life in Christ? A patient thinking through of Luke's teaching on the Christian, the Old Testament law and religious tradition, as modeled in Paul's conduct, will give us guidelines by which we can make judgments about our own religious past...
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Arrested in the Temple

"Will we survive?" is the pressing question for Jews in every generation...
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