4486 myrrh

4486 myrrh

A resinous substance derived from certain trees and bushes native to the Near East. It was a valuable commodity and had a variety of uses.

Myrrh was traded by merchants

Ge 37:25 See also Rev 18:11-13

Myrrh was presented as a gift

Mt 2:11 See also Ge 43:11

Uses of myrrh

In the sacred anointing oil Ex 30:22-28

As a perfume SS 1:13 See also Ps 45:8; Pr 7:10-18; SS 3:6

In beauty treatments Est 2:12 See also SS 5:5

As a painkiller Mk 15:22-23

In embalming Jn 19:38-40

The metaphorical use of myrrh

SS 5:13 See also SS 4:1-7,12-14; SS 5:1

See also

4466herbs and spices

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