7751 persuasion

7751 persuasion

Attempting to win others over to one’s own point of view. It can be either positive, as with preaching the gospel, or it can spring from a malign intent to seduce people from the truth.

Means of persuasion

The persuasiveness of argument Ac 16:15 See also Jdg 19:3,7; 2Sa 3:35; Ac 5:40; Ac 19:32-41; Ac 21:14

The persuasiveness of proof Ac 1:3 See also Ge 45:25-28

The persuasiveness of experience 1Co 14:24-25

The first Christians were persuaded of the truth of their faith

2Ti 1:12 See also Ro 4:20-21; Ro 8:38-39; 2Ti 3:14

The apostles tried to persuade others of the truth of the gospel

Ac 18:4 See also Ac 17:2-4; Ac 19:8; Ac 26:26-29; Ac 28:23-24; 2Co 5:11

Scripture advises patience when seeking to persuade those in power

Pr 25:15 See also Lk 18:1-5

Scripture warns against the persuasiveness of evil

The persuasiveness of adulterers Pr 7:21 See also Pr 5:3; Pr 7:5

The persuasiveness of false prophets Jer 28:15

Examples of God’s servants suffering through the persuasiveness of others

Mt 27:20 pp Mk 15:11 See also Ac 14:19

See also

5472proof, evidence
6146deceit & God
7774prophets, false
8749false teachers

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