8489 urgency

8489 urgency

The urgency of the call to repent

In the preaching of John the Baptist Mt 3:2 pp Mk 1:4 pp Lk 3:3

In the preaching of Jesus Christ Mk 1:15 See also Mt 4:17; Lk 13:3

In the preaching of Peter Ac 2:38 See also Ac 3:19

In the preaching of Paul Ac 20:21; Ac 26:20

The urgency of the need to proclaim the gospel

2Ti 4:1-2 See also Jn 4:35-37; 2Co 6:2; 1Th 5:2 in the light of the coming day of the Lord

Examples of urgent summons by officials

Nu 22:37; 1Sa 21:8; Da 3:22

See also

2375kingdom of God
5048opportunities & salvation
6734repentance, importance

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