8674 study

8674 study

The application of the mind with a view to acquiring knowledge, particularly of the Scriptures. God promises his help to those who give themselves to this work.

The study of the works of the Lord

Ps 111:2 The works mentioned are his acts of providence and grace.

God’s people are to study in order to gain wisdom

Pr 2:1-5; Pr 4:5 See also Job 28:12,20; Ps 90:12; Pr 3:13; Pr 15:14; Pr 23:23

The study of human activity, achievement and wisdom

Ecc 1:13-14 See also Ecc 1:17; Ecc 2:12; Ecc 7:25; Ecc 8:9,16; Ecc 9:1; Ecc 12:9-11 The Teacher turned from human wisdom to searching out and setting forth proverbs; Ecc 12:12 He concluded that all human study was wearisome.

The study of the word of God

The study of the word of God is commended 2Ti 2:15 See also Isa 8:20; Jer 15:16; Mt 22:29; Ro 15:4; 1Pe 2:2

Ezra studied the law of the Lord Ezr 7:10

The Bereans studied the Scriptures Ac 17:11

Some Jews studied the Scriptures without finding Jesus Christ Jn 5:39

God promises his help in the study of the Scriptures

Jn 14:26; Jn 16:13

See also

3140Holy Spirit, teacher

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