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1 Chronicles 27:23-25 Expanded Bible (EXB)

23 The Lord had promised to make the Israelites as ·many [numerous] as the stars ·in the sky [of heaven; Gen. 22:17; 26:4; Ex. 32:13]. So David did not count those younger than twenty years old. 24 Joab son of Zeruiah began ·to count [the census of] the people, but he did not finish. ·God became angry with [L Wrath came upon] Israel for counting the people, so the number of the people was not put in the ·history book about [chronicles/annals of] King David.

The King’s Directors

25 Azmaveth son of Adiel was in charge of the royal ·storehouses [treasuries].

Jonathan son of Uzziah was in charge of the ·storehouses [treasuries] in the country, towns, villages, and ·towers [fortresses].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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