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Daniel 4:17-19 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

17 This punishment is given
at the command
    of the holy angels.[a]
It will show to all who live
that God Most High
    controls all kingdoms
and chooses for their rulers
    persons of humble birth.'

18 “Daniel,[b] that was the dream that none of the wise men in my kingdom were able to understand. But I am sure that you will understand what it means, because the holy gods have given you some special powers.”

19 For a while, Daniel[c] was terribly confused and worried by what he was thinking. But I said, “Don’t be bothered either by the dream or by what it means.”

Daniel replied:

Your Majesty, I wish the dream had been against your enemies.


  1. 4.17 angels: See the note at 4.13.
  2. 4.18,19 Daniel: See the note at 2.26.
  3. 4.18,19 Daniel: See the note at 2.26.

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