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Deuteronomy 33:16-18 Expanded Bible (EXB)

16 Let the ·full earth [L earth and its fullness] give the best fruits,
    and let the Lord who lived in ·the burning bush [the thorn bush; or Sinai; Ex. 3:2] be pleased.
May ·these blessings [L they] rest on the head of Joseph,
    on the forehead of the ·one who was blessed [L prince] among his brothers.
17 Joseph has the majesty of a firstborn bull;
    ·he is as strong as [L his horns are the horns of] a wild ox [Ex. 27:2].
He will ·stab [gore] other nations with them,
    even those ·nations far away [L at the ends of the earth].
These are the ·ten thousands [myriads] of Ephraim,
    and these are the thousands of Manasseh [C tribes named after Joseph’s sons].”

18 Moses said this about the people of Zebulun:

“·Be happy [Rejoice] when you go out, Zebulun,
    and ·be happy [rejoice] in your tents, Issachar.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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