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Exodus 10:12-14 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

12 Forsooth the Lord said to Moses, Hold forth thine hand on the land of Egypt, to a locust, that is, (a) multitude of locusts, that it ascend on the land, and devour all the herb which is left of the hail. (And the Lord said to Moses, Stretch forth thy hand over the land of Egypt, for a multitude of locusts to ascend upon the land, and devour all the herbage that be left from the hail.)

13 And Moses held forth the rod on the land of Egypt (And so Moses stretched out his staff over the land of Egypt), and the Lord brought in a burning wind all that day and night; and when the morrowtide was made, the burning wind raised [up] (the) locusts,

14 which ascended on all the land of Egypt, and sat in all the coasts of Egyptians (and settled on all the land of Egypt); and the locusts were unnumberable, and such were not before that time, neither shall come afterward.


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