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Genesis 46:26-28 Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

26 The total number of persons belonging to Jacob—his direct descendants,[a] not including the wives of Jacob’s sons—who came to Egypt: sixty-six.

27 And Joseph’s sons who were born to him in Egypt: two persons.

All those of Jacob’s household who came to Egypt: seventy[b] persons.

Jacob Arrives in Egypt

28 Now Jacob had sent Judah ahead of him to Joseph to prepare for his arrival[c] at Goshen. When they came to the land of Goshen,


  1. 46:26 Lit Jacob who came out from his loins
  2. 46:27 LXX reads 75; Ac 7:14
  3. 46:28 Lit to give directions before him
Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

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