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Isaiah 23:16-18 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

16 Thou whore, given to forgetting, take an harp, compass the city; sing thou well, use thou oft a song, that mind be of thee. (O whore, now forgotten, take up a harp, and go around the city; sing thou well a song, and sing thou it often, so that thou will be remembered again.)

17 And it shall be, after seventy years, the Lord shall visit Tyre, and shall bring it again to his hire; and again it shall be, when it shall do fornication with all [the] realms of [the] earth, on the face of [the] earth. (And so it shall be, that after seventy years, the Lord shall visit Tyre, and she shall hire herself out again; and it shall be, that once again she shall do fornication with all the kingdoms of the earth, upon the face of the earth.)

18 And the merchandises thereof and the meeds thereof shall be hallowed to the Lord; they shall not be hid, neither shall be laid up; for why the merchandise thereof shall be to them that dwell before the Lord (for its merchandise shall be for those who worship the Lord), (so) that they eat to fullness, and be clothed till to eldness.


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