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Isaiah 63:6-8 The Passion Translation (TPT)

So I trampled down nations in my anger
    and shattered them[a] in my fury
    and spilled their blood on the ground.”

God’s Endless Mercy

I will tell again of the faithful, gracious acts[b] of Yahweh
    and praise him for everything[c] he has done for us—
    the wonderful goodness,[d] the riches of his mercy,
    which he has shown to the house of Israel,
    and the abundance of his endless love.
For he said,
    “Truly, they are my loyal children who will not act deceitfully.”
    He became their Savior.[e]


  1. Isaiah 63:6 As translated from most Hebrew manuscripts and Targum (Aramaic); however, some manuscripts read “I made them drunk with my fury.”
  2. Isaiah 63:7 Literally “the loving-kindnesses.”
  3. Isaiah 63:7 Or “the praiseworthy deeds.”
  4. Isaiah 63:7 See Ps. 145:7.
  5. Isaiah 63:8 See Matt. 1:21-23.
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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