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Job 1:19-21 The Voice (VOICE)

19 and then a powerful wind rose up from the other side of the desert, and it struck all four corners of the house. It collapsed! Everyone is dead—all of those young people—every last one, except me. I am the only one who got away from your son’s house to tell you.

20 Then Job stood up, tore his robe, shaved his head, and fell to the ground. Face down, Job sprawled in the dirt to worship.

21 Job: I was naked, with nothing, when I came from my mother’s womb;
        and naked, with nothing, I will return to the earth.
    The Eternal has given, and He has taken away.
        May the name of the Eternal One be blessed.

The Voice (VOICE)

The Voice Bible Copyright © 2012 Thomas Nelson, Inc. The Voice™ translation © 2012 Ecclesia Bible Society All rights reserved.


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