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Job 6 Living Bible (TLB)

Job’s reply:

“Oh, that my sadness and troubles were weighed. For they are heavier than the sand of a thousand seashores. That is why I spoke so rashly. For the Lord has struck me down with his arrows; he has sent his poisoned arrows deep within my heart. All God’s terrors are arrayed against me. 5-7 When wild donkeys bray, it is because their grass is gone; oxen do not low when they have food; a man complains when there is no salt in his food. And how tasteless is the uncooked white of an egg—my appetite is gone when I look at it; I gag at the thought of eating it!

8-9 “Oh, that God would grant the thing I long for most—to die beneath his hand and be freed from his painful grip. 10 This, at least, gives me comfort despite all the pain—that I have not denied the words of the holy God. 11 Oh, why does my strength sustain me? How can I be patient till I die? 12 Am I unfeeling, like stone? Is my flesh made of brass? 13 For I am utterly helpless, without any hope.

14 “One should be kind to a fainting friend, but you have accused me without the slightest fear of God. 15-18 My brother, you have proved as unreliable as a brook; it floods when there is ice and snow, but in hot weather, disappears. The caravans turn aside to be refreshed, but there is nothing there to drink, and so they perish. 19-21 When caravans from Tema and from Sheba stop for water there, their hopes are dashed. And so my hopes in you are dashed—you turn away from me in terror and refuse to help. 22 But why? Have I ever asked you for one slightest thing? Have I begged you for a present? 23 Have I ever asked your help? 24 All I want is a reasonable answer—then I will keep quiet. Tell me, what have I done wrong?

25-26 “It is wonderful to speak the truth, but your criticisms are not based on fact. Are you going to condemn me just because I impulsively cried out in desperation? 27 That would be like injuring a helpless orphan, or selling a friend. 28 Look at me! Would I lie to your face? 29 Stop assuming my guilt, for I am righteous. Don’t be so unjust. 30 Don’t I know the difference between right and wrong? Would I not admit it if I had sinned?

Living Bible (TLB)

The Living Bible copyright © 1971 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

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