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Joshua 11:21-23 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

21 Joshua came in that time, and killed (the) Anakim, that is, (the) giants, from the hilly places of Hebron, and of Debir, and of Anab (from the hill country of Hebron, and Debir, and Anab), and from all the hill (country) of Judah, and of Israel, and did away their cities.

22 He left not any man of the generation of Anakim in the land of the sons of Israel, without the cities of Gaza, and Gath, and Ashdod (except in the cities of Gaza, and Gath, and Ashdod), in which alone they were left.

23 Then Joshua took all the land, as the Lord spake to Moses, and he gave it into (a) possession to the sons of Israel, by their parts and lineages (and he gave it to the Israelites for a possession, a portion to each tribe); and (so) the land rested from battles.


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