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Lamentations 1:15-17 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

15 The Lord hath trodden under foot all my valiant men in the midst of me: he hath called an assembly against me to destroy my young men: the Lord hath trodden [a]the winepress upon the virgin the daughter of Judah.

16 For these things I weep: mine eye, even mine eye casteth out water, because the comforter that should refresh my soul, is far from me: my children are desolate, because the enemy prevailed.

17 Zion stretcheth out her hands, and there is none to comfort her: the Lord hath appointed the enemies of Jacob round about him: Jerusalem is [b]as a menstruous woman in the midst of them.


  1. Lamentations 1:15 He hath trodden them underfoot as they tread grapes in the winepress.
  2. Lamentations 1:17 Which because of her pollution was separate from her husband, Lev. 15:19, and was abhorred for the time.
1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

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