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Luke 21:32-34 Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT)

32 Truly I say to you that this generation[a] will by no means pass away until all things take place. 33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by-no-means pass away.

Be Prepared And Keep Alert

34 “But take heed to yourselves that your hearts may not at any time be weighed-down with carousing and drunkenness and anxieties[b] pertaining-to-life, and that unexpected[c] day suddenly-come-upon[d] you


  1. Luke 21:32 See Mt 24:34.
  2. Luke 21:34 Or, worries, cares.
  3. Luke 21:34 Or, unforeseen, sudden.
  4. Luke 21:34 Or, spring-upon.
Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT)

Disciples' Literal New Testament: Serving Modern Disciples by More Fully Reflecting the Writing Style of the Ancient Disciples, Copyright © 2011 Michael J. Magill. All Rights Reserved. Published by Reyma Publishing


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