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Mark 11 Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament (MOUNCE)

11 And kai when hote they drew near engizō to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma, Bethphage Bēthphagē, and kai Bethany Bēthania, at pros the ho Mount oros of ho Olives elaia, Jesus dispatched apostellō two dyo of ho his autos disciples mathētēs and kai said legō to them autos, “ Go hypagō into eis the ho village kōmē · ho directly katenanti ahead of you hymeis, and kai immediately upon entering eisporeuomai it autos you will find heuriskō a tethered deō colt pōlos on epi which hos no oudeis one anthrōpos has ever oupō sat kathizō. Untie lyō it autos and kai bring pherō it. · kai If ean anyone tis says legō to you hymeis, ‘ Why tis are you doing poieō this houtos?’ say legō, ‘ The ho Lord kyrios has echō need chreia of it autos and kai will send apostellō it autos back palin here hōde as soon as possible.’” So kai they went aperchomai away and kai found heuriskō a tethered deō colt pōlos at pros a door thura outside exō in epi the ho street amphodon, and kai they untied lyō it autos. And kai some tis of those ho standing histēmi there ekei said legō to them autos, “ What tis are you doing poieō, untying lyō the ho colt pōlos?” And de they ho spoke legō to them autos just kathōs as Jesus Iēsous had said legō, · ho and kai they gave aphiēmi them autos permission . Then kai they brought pherō the ho colt pōlos to pros · ho Jesus Iēsous and kai threw epiballō their autos cloaks himation on it autos, · ho and kai he sat kathizō on epi it autos. And kai many polys spread strōnnyō · ho their autos cloaks himation on eis the ho road hodos, while de others allos spread tall grass stibas, cutting koptō it from ek the ho fields agros. And kai those ho who went proagō before and kai those ho who followed akoloutheō were crying krazō out , “ Hosanna hōsanna! Blessed eulogeō is he ho who comes erchomai in en the name onoma of the Lord kyrios! 10 Blessed eulogeō is the ho coming erchomai kingdom basileia of ho our hēmeis father patēr David Dauid! Hosanna hōsanna in en the ho highest hypsistos!” 11 And kai he entered eiserchomai Jerusalem Hierosolyma and went into eis the ho temple hieron. And kai looking periblepō around at everything pas, the ho hour hōra already ēdē being eimi late opsia, he went exerchomai out to eis Bethany Bēthania with meta the ho twelve dōdeka.

12 And kai on the ho next day epaurion, when they autos had left exerchomai from apo Bethany Bēthania, Jesus became hungry peinaō. 13 And kai seeing at apo a distance makrothen a fig tree sykē in echō leaf phyllon, he went erchomai to see if ei he could find heuriskō anything tis on en it autos. And kai when he came erchomai to epi it autos, he found heuriskō nothing oudeis but ei mē leaves phyllon, · ho for gar it was eimi not ou the season kairos for figs sykon. 14 So kai in response apokrinomai he said legō to it autos, “ May esthiō no one mēdeis ever mēketi eat esthiō fruit karpos from ek you sy again!” And kai his autos disciples mathētēs were listening akouō. · ho 15 Then kai they went erchomai into eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma. And kai entering eiserchomai eis the ho temple hieron, he began archō to drive ekballō out those ho who were selling pōleō and kai those ho who were buying agorazō in en the ho temple hieron; and kai he overturned katastrephō the ho tables trapeza of the ho money kollybistēs changers and kai the ho chairs kathedra of those ho who were selling pōleō · ho pigeons peristera, 16 and kai he would not ou allow aphiēmi anyone tis to carry diapherō merchandise skeuos through dia the ho temple hieron. 17 And kai he was teaching didaskō and kai saying legō to them autos, “ Is it not ou written graphō, · ho My egō house oikos shall be called kaleō a house oikos of prayer proseuchē for all pas the ho nations ethnos’? But de you hymeis have made poieō it autos ‘a hideout spēlaion for robbers lēstēs.’” 18 And kai the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho scribes grammateus heard akouō of this and kai began seeking zēteō how pōs they could destroy apollymi him autos, for gar they feared phobeomai him autos, because gar all pas the ho people ochlos were impressed ekplēssō by epi · ho his autos teaching didachē.

19 And kai when hotan evening opse came ginomai, they went ekporeuomai out exō of the ho city polis.

20 And kai passing paraporeuomai by in the morning prōi, they saw the ho fig sykē tree withered xērainō down ek to the roots rhiza. 21 And kai thinking anamimnēskō back , · ho Peter Petros said legō to him autos, “ Rabbi rhabbi, look ide! The ho fig sykē tree that hos you cursed kataraomai has withered xērainō!” 22 And kai answering apokrinomai, · ho Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, “ Have echō faith pistis in God theos. 23 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, that hoti if anyone hos says legō to ho this houtos mountain oros, ‘ Be taken airō up and kai cast ballō into eis the ho sea thalassa,’ and kai does not waver diakrinō in en · ho his autos heart kardia but alla believes pisteuō that hoti what hos he says laleō will happen ginomai, it will be eimi done for him autos. 24 For dia this houtos reason I tell legō you hymeis, whatever pas hosos you pray proseuchomai and kai ask aiteō for , believe pisteuō that hoti you have received lambanō it, and kai it will be eimi yours hymeis. 25 And kai whenever hotan you stand stēkō praying proseuchomai, forgive aphiēmi if ei you have echō something tis against kata someone tis, so hina that · ho your hymeis Father patēr · ho in en · ho heaven ouranos may also kai forgive aphiēmi you hymeis · ho your hymeis transgressions paraptōma.”

27 And kai they came erchomai again palin to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma. And kai while peripateō he autos was walking about peripateō in en the ho temple hieron, the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho scribes grammateus and kai the ho elders presbyteros came erchomai to pros him autos, 28 and kai were asking legō him autos, “ By en what poios authority exousia are you doing poieō these houtos things ?” and ē, “ Who tis gave didōmi you sy · ho this houtos authority exousia to hina do poieō these houtos things ?” 29 · ho But de Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, “ I will ask eperōtaō you hymeis one heis thing logos; · kai answer apokrinomai me egō, and kai I will tell legō you hymeis by en what poios authority exousia I do poieō these houtos things . 30 The ho baptism baptisma of ho John Iōannēs was it eimi from ek heaven ouranos or ē from ek man anthrōpos? Answer apokrinomai me egō!” 31 So kai they discussed dialogizomai it among pros themselves heautou, saying legō, “ If ean we say legō, ‘ From ek heaven ouranos,’ he will say legō, ‘ Why dia tis then oun did you not ou believe pisteuō him autos?’ 32 But alla if we say legō, ‘ From ek man’—( they were afraid phobeomai of the ho people ochlos, for gar everyone hapas considered echō that hoti · ho John Iōannēs was eimi truly ontōs a prophet prophētēs). 33 So kai in answer apokrinomai to ho Jesus Iēsous, they said legō, “ We do not ou know oida.” And kai · ho Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, “ Neither oude will I egō tell legō you hymeis by en what poios authority exousia I am doing poieō these houtos things .”

Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament (MOUNCE)

The Mounce Reverse-Interlinear™ New Testament (MOUNCE) Copyright © 2011 by William D. Mounce. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.
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