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Micah 2:1-3 International Standard Version (ISV)

God’s Warning to His People

“Woe to those who are crafting iniquity,
planning evil well into the night![a]
When morning’s light comes,
    they carry out their plans[b] because they have the power to do so.
They covet fields and seize them;
    they covet[c] houses, and grab them, too.
They harass the valiant man, along with his household,
    an individual and his estate.

“Therefore this is what the Lord says,
‘I’m crafting evil against this family,
    from which you can’t escape.[d]
You won’t strut around arrogantly,
    because the times are evil.’


  1. Micah 2:1 Lit. evil upon their beds
  2. Micah 2:1 The Heb. lacks their plans
  3. Micah 2:2 The Heb. lacks they covet
  4. Micah 2:3 Lit. can’t remove your necks
International Standard Version (ISV)

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