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Obadiah 19-21 Expanded Bible (EXB)

19 ·Then God’s people will regain southern Judah from Edom;
    they will take back [L The Negev shall possess] the mountains of ·Edom [L Esau].
·They will take back the western hills
    from [L The Shephelah/foothills shall possess] the Philistines.
They will ·regain [possess] the ·lands [L fields] of Ephraim and Samaria,
    and Benjamin will ·take over [possess] Gilead [C east of the Jordan River].
20 ·People from [L This host of the sons/T children of] Israel who once were ·forced to leave their homes [exiled]
    will take the land of the Canaanites,
    all the way to Zarephath [C in Phoenicia in the far northeast].
·People from Judah who once were forced to leave Jerusalem and [L The exiles of Jerusalem who] live in Sepharad [C unknown location, perhaps Sardis (in present-day Turkey)]
    will take back the cities of ·southern Judah [L the Negev].
21 ·Powerful warriors [Deliverers; Saviors; or Those who have been rescued/delivered] will go up on Mount Zion,
    where they will rule ·the people living on Edom’s mountains [L Mount Esau].
And the kingdom will belong to the Lord.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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