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Psalm 85 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

To the director: A song of praise from the Korah family.

85 Lord, you have been so kind to your land.
    You have brought success again to the people of Jacob.
You have forgiven the bad things your people did.
    You have taken away the guilt of their sins! Selah

You stopped being angry with them.
    Your terrible anger has gone away.
Our God and Savior, accept us again.
    Don’t be angry with us anymore.
Will you be angry with us forever?
    Will your anger reach to our children and to their children?
Please, give us new life!
    Make your people happy to be yours.
Lord, save us
    and show us your love.

I heard what the Lord God said.
    He said there would be peace for his people and his loyal followers.
    So they must not go back to their foolish way of living.
He will soon save his faithful followers.
    His glory will again live in our land.[a]
10 God’s love will come together with his faithful people.
    Goodness and peace will greet them with a kiss.
11 People on earth will be loyal to God,
    and God in heaven will be good to them.[b]
12 The Lord will give us many good things.
    The ground will grow many good crops.
13 Goodness will go before the Lord
    and prepare the way for him.


  1. Psalm 85:9 His … land Or “We will soon live with honor in our land.”
  2. Psalm 85:11 Literally, “Loyalty will sprout from the ground, and goodness will look down from the sky.”
Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

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