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Revelation 15:4-6 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name! for thou only art holy, and all nations shall come and worship before thee: for thy judgments are made manifest.

[a]And after that, I looked, and behold, the Temple of the tabernacle of Testimony was open in heaven.

And the seven Angels came out of the Temple, which had the [b]seven plagues, clothed in [c]pure and bright linen, and having their breasts [d]girded with golden girdles.


  1. Revelation 15:5 The second part of the narration (as was [noted,] verse 2) wherein first the authority of the whole argument and matter thereof is figured by a forerunning type of a temple opened in heaven, as Rev. 11:19, namely that all those things are divine and of God, that proceed from thence, in this verse. Secondly, the administers or executors, come forth out of the Temple, verse 6. Thirdly, they are furnished with instruments of the judgments of God, and weapons fit for the manner of the same judgments, verse 7. Finally they are confirmed by testimony of the visible glory of God, in the last verse. A like testimony whereunto was exhibited of old in the Law, Exod. 40:34.
  2. Revelation 15:6 That is, commandments to inflict those seven plagues. Here is the figure called Metonymy.
  3. Revelation 15:6 Which was in old time a sign of the kingly or princely dignity.
  4. Revelation 15:6 That is, girding was a sign of diligence, and the girdle of gold was a sign of sincerity and trustiness in taking in charge the commandments of God.
1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

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