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Zechariah 10:1-3 World English Bible (WEB)

10 Ask of Yahweh rain in the spring time,
    Yahweh who makes storm clouds,
    and he gives rain showers to everyone for the plants in the field.
For the teraphim[a] have spoken vanity,
    and the diviners have seen a lie;
    and they have told false dreams.
They comfort in vain.
    Therefore they go their way like sheep.
    They are oppressed, because there is no shepherd.
My anger is kindled against the shepherds,
    and I will punish the male goats;
    For Yahweh of Armies has visited his flock, the house of Judah,
    and will make them as his majestic horse in the battle.


  1. 10:2 teraphim were household idols that may have been associated with inheritance rights to the household property.
World English Bible (WEB)

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